Weft Bias Resin Infusion Flow Fabric


Our Client for this project was a company specializing in novel infusion flow reinforcement fabrics for the composite industry, based in the USA.

The Project

Our client identified an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the resin infusion process by having an infusion flow fabric with a 'weft bias' flow characteristic rather than the industry normal of a 'warp-bias' flow.

The 'weft-bias' flow allows the infused resin in a composite to flow across the width of the fabric instead of along the length of the fabric. This is particularly useful when manufacturing boat hulls of turbine blades for example. The simple fact that the flow is across the width of the fabric removes the need for the end user to cut the fabric into short lengths then re-orientate the fabric in the component mould.

Our Client approached Culzean to develop their conceptual idea into a production ready Textile Solution for manufacture in USA.

The Textile Solution

Culzean developed a three dimensional warp knitted substrate suitable for their application. Consideration was given to many technical requirements for the fabric including; stability, compressive strength, compatibility with the clients ingredients, ability to scale-up manufacture, tensile strength and suitability for the next stage processing by the client to create the finished product.

Since the initial Textile Solution, Culzean have continued to work with the client taking the concept from an initial sample to volume manufacture, all with continuing development work to expand the product portfolio of the client's new concept.

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