3D Ingredient Carrying Substrate


Our Client wishes to remain anonymous, due to the commercial sensitivity of their revolutionary new product.

The Project

In 2005 Culzean was approached by a start-up company with a revolutionary concept for a civil engineering product. A Textile Solution was required to act as a substrate for carrying the clients ingredients in their new product.

The Textile Solution

Culzean developed a three dimensional warp knitted substrate suitable for their application. Consideration was given to many technical requirements for the fabric including; stability, compressive strength, compatibility with the clients ingredients, ability to scale-up manufacture, tensile strength and suitability for the next stage processing by the client to create the finished product.

Since the initial Textile Solution, Culzean have continued to work with the client taking the concept from an initial sample to volume manufacture, all with continuing development work to expand the product portfolio of the client's new concept.

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